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Welcome To The Meditation for Mental Health Online Retreat!

In this 10 day online retreat you are invited to experience meditation from experienced teachers, researchers and practitioners from all walks of life around the globe.

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If you feel moved to donate to the expenses of the event dana is a common form of giving in the Buddhist tradition. We welcome donations, but also just as much FEEDBACK from you! This event is in the spirit of creating sanga, or spiritual community at this time of worldwide pandemic and the isolation and separation it causes.

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Nomad Yoga

Ga Naar Ons Instagram Pagina om Deel te Nemen aan de GiveAway!

Alexander and Caroline, devoted yogis and owners of Nomad Yoga have so generously donated some of their beautiful, fairtrade sourced and ecological yoga/meditation products to give away as part of this event! Head over to our Instagram @nomadyogashop, @thebodymindyoga or @mounirabazzi_livingyoga to enter!

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